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Brown/Silver Acid Wash Brazilian cowhide - 7’ x 8’

Brown/Silver Acid Wash Brazilian cowhide - 7’ x 8’

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Brazilian cowhide

7’ x 8’
You will receive this exact cowhide!
  • We are proud to have the most assorted stock of Brazilian RUGS within the USA for immediate shipping!
  • W provide A Quality cowhides and 100% satisfaction guaranteed 
Carrying only Grade quality you can rest assured you’ll receive the best hide out there! Eco friendly sourced to not endanger the wild life and plant! 
Please enjoy our COWHIDE RUGS as much as we enjoy selecting and getting them to you.
Feel free to contact us for any further information regarding COWHIDE RUGS, our CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM would be glad to assist you to email
Best wishes from Dallas!
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